Our San Francisco Sales Office

Our San Francisco Sales Office

About LiveWire

We've got the parts you need.
You come to LiveWire for one reason and one reason alone: you need an electrical part. So we keep a massive inventory, housed at locations across the country. That means we have what you need, and can get it to you fast.
We're the online experts.
We're headquartered in the technology epicenter of San Francisco, CA, down the street from Internet giants like Google and Twitter. We've leveraged our proximity to tech talent and resources to build a stellar team and the industry's best website.
We're old-fashioned: integrity + hard work.
Above all else, we're focused on earning and keeping our customers business. So we treat our customers the way we want to be treated. We're honest about shipping times, bend over backward to earn a sale and know the parts we sell. In short, you can trust us.

Our Success Story

Adam Messner is the company's founder and CEO. He created LiveWire Electrical Supply in 2005 with the goals of building a profitable, innovative and ethically-minded electrical supply company. From inception, Adam has hired experienced, fresh and ambitious talent to man the phones, run warehouses and support all aspects of the business. Employees pay attention to details and are honest with each other and with customers. LiveWire has grown dramatically since 2005, from offering a few thousand parts to nearly half a million parts, but core values remain the foundation of the business. Both Adam and all of the employees at LiveWire Supply use every day as an opportunity to improve the industry and more importantly, to help your business thrive to ensure that you remain a customer for years to come. Check out a few of our customers that have taken advantage of our expertise and deeply discounted prices.

About Adam Messner, CEO

Though now based in LiveWire's San Francisco office, Adam hails from Ann Arbor, Michigan, where he honed his hunting and fishing skills before moving to California to attend Stanford University. After earning a Bachelor's Degree from Stanford in Environmental Science, Adam accepted a position with Jones & Stokes, a consulting firm headquartered in Sacramento, California. During his tenure at Jones & Stokes, Adam worked to develop innovative practices for the handling of waste in the state of California and he also represented federal, state and private groups interested in securing to Water Rights within the state. Both issues are ongoing interests for Adam.

From there Adam set his sights on the electrical supply businesses. He saw in the industry tremendous potential to improve processes by moving them to the Internet and making them more environmentally sustainable. Adam started LiveWire Supply in late 2005 with these aims in mind. In just a few years, Adam has grown LiveWire to the Internet's No. 1 electrical supply house and made tremendous strides in his efforts to green the electrical supply industry. In June 2013 The Electrical Distributor Magazine named Adam one of its top "30 Under 35" professionals in the electrical industry.

In addition to earning industry accolades, Adam is an accomplished athlete. He was captain of the men's swimming team at Stanford University. He is an NCAA champion multiple times over, a Pan American Games Gold Medalist and an Olympic Games Trialist. In his spare time, Adam enjoys kiteboarding, surfing, camping and fishing trips to Kodiak, Alaska - as often as possible. His wife is happy to confirm that despite work and all his interests he is still a solid family man.

Our Values

LiveWire is committed to environmental responsibility and organizational sustainability. In October 2008 and again in 2009, the State of California honored Adam and LiveWire's efforts with a highly coveted "Best of California Waste Reduction" award. Other winners include Apple Inc., Chevron, Anheuser-Busch Inc., Chevron, Coca-Cola Inc. and Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E). Selling equipment that was previously in service makes up a portion of LiveWire's annual revenue. In fact, LiveWire donates 3% of proceeds from the sale of our "Certifed Green Circuit Breakers", circuit breakers that have been removed from service by a qualified electrician, tested and certified for proper functionality. Read more about LiveWire's Certified Green Circuit Breakers.

Employees are team-oriented and ambitious. LiveWire puts customers first without compromising ethics or sustainability and each member of our staff treats every customer with respect and honesty. It's cliche but true: our aim is to under promise and over deliver and to treat every customer like we would want to be treated.


LiveWire takes pride in hiring dedicated and knowledgeable employees with industry experience and a track record of success.

If you think you would make a good addition to the LiveWire team ask a sales rep about how to apply and bring your best.