Learn How LiveWire has Helped our Customers

Nick Abbot

All Industrial Electric Supply

What do you do at All Industrial Supply?
At All Industrial I worked my way up. Started as the first employee (driver), then into the warehouse, then thrown feet-first into sales. I've been doing sales for close to two years and managing to keep up with people who have been doing this for over a decade.

What do you like about LiveWire?
Like the first time you hear the Beatles, LiveWire is phenomenal. Their dedication to customer service does not change, regardless of time of day or dollar amount. I choose LiveWire because the technical information and customer service you get from anyone there is above and beyond the run of the mill electrical house, which is saying a lot considering they are an online business.

How do you kick back when you're not working?
When not at work, I am an avid musician; playing guitar in many Bay Area Metal bands. I also firmly support the Susan G. Komen foundation for Breast Cancer research.