Learn How LiveWire has Helped our Customers

Bill Minich

Hull Electric

What do you do at Hull Electric?
I have worked for Hull for almost 5 years, I am mostly involved with inside sales, but working in a small company, I also do much of the day-to-day ordering for customers. I chase hard to find the parts my customers need. I have been involved in the electrical industry since I was a child; my father is the VP of Hull Electric and has worked for the company for almost 35 years. I am not sure what the future holds, but I will continue to work for Hull Electric, and try to better myself in the electrical Industry and hopefully someday be as admired and well-regarded as my father is. I have the drive to succeed in this business, and I am sure that Adam and Livewire will be an integral part of my small successes in our little part of the woods here in Northwestern PA.

What do you like about LiveWire?
In one word, LiveWire is superiority. The price is almost always better than the competitors, and most of my customers prefer to go with the certified green breakers. I choose LiveWire because of the customer service.

How do you kick back when you're not working?
I grew up in the woods hunting and fishing with my family, and if I am not at work, I am in the woods or on a stream or lake. My wife and I have a small horse farm and spend much of our time trail riding, and hauling horses to area shows.