Appleton Electric Lighting

Appleton is a brand of Emerson Industrial Automation, a large manufacturer of electrical and mechanical products including lighting. Appleton's lighting has four lines: enclosed and gasketed lighting, explosionproof lighting, flexible fixture hangers, and general lighting. Those lines include floodlights, fluorescent lighting, HID lighting luminaries, incandescent lighting and luminaries, LED and induction lighting and luminaries, recessed fluorescent lighting and luminaires, photocontrols, fixture hangers, high bay lighting, low bay lighting, McGill lamp protection, poles and hangers for architectural lighting, and temporary lighting. If you don't see or you don't know what you're looking for, relax. We got you covered. Call us up and be confidant that when you buy from LiveWire, we'll get you what you need. Use search on top of page to find your part or call: 1-800-390-3299

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