Wadsworth Circuit Breakers

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The Wadsworth Electric Manufacturing Company was established by Harry Wadsworth and George B. in 1904. They made a name for themselves manufacturing high-quality circuit breakers, power outlets, fuses and other electrical devices until the company was liquidated in 1990. Now, Connecticut Electric supplies high-quality replacement circuit breakers for Wadsworth load centers.

LiveWire Supply specializes in providing a complete line of new, refurbished, and obsolete Wadsworth circuit breakers and other electrical supply products. Got a hard-to-find circuit breaker in mind? Give us a call or request a free quote at 1-800-390-3299. You can also email us at sales@livewiresupply.com. Remember, just because you don't see the item listed on our website, doesn't mean we don't have it.

Explore our detailed online catalog to find the circuit breaker that is right for your application. Models such as Wadsworth A215NI, A30NI and A270NI are best sellers in our stock. LiveWire Supply values its customers and offers a full 1-year replacement warranty on all products sold, both new and used. To find out more about your circuit breaker products, contact us anytime to speak with our experienced team members.

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