Siemens Circuit Breakers

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Siemens circuit breakers are crafted with quality materials to protect your electrical systems and minimize down-time at low costs. With ampacities up to 5000A, Siemens wide range of circuit breakers have convenient communication capabilities for industrial, commercial and OEM applications. Each circuit breaker also protects against damaging surges, short circuits, severe electrical shock or electrocution.

LiveWire Supply offers a wide range of Siemens circuit breakers including low, medium, and high voltage models as well as hybrid solutions which are multi-functional and modular in design. The Siemens circuit breakers' main components such as the base frame, control system and insulator design are matched closely and tailor made from decades of operating experience for reliable products at cost-effective pricing.

Take a look at our wide selection of Siemens Circuit Breakers today. LiveWire Supply stocks circuit breakers that are new, used or professionally reconditioned, with a 1-year warranty period. Our customer representatives are available to address your concerns and find the right product for you. When you need high-quality parts in no time and on a budget, contact us by phone at 1-800-390-3299 or send us an email at

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