Murray Circuit Breakers

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Murray, which is a division of Siemens, specializes in a diverse range of circuit breakers that can protect any premises and its wiring, from excess temperatures due to electrical surges higher than the wire rating. This includes plug-in and bolt-on circuit breakers, load center breakers, GFI and Arc Fault circuit breakers and thermal-magnetic circuit breakers.

LiveWire Supply is one of the nation's leading suppliers of Murray circuit breakers with surplus, refurbished and reconditioned circuit breakers in stock. If you don't see an item listed on the website, don't forget that we have additional items in stock. Some of our best-selling Murray circuit breakers include BQ190KM, BQ220KM, BQ170KM and more. All products including circuit breakers carry a one-year warranty unless otherwise stated.

LiveWire Supply ships circuit breakers that are new in box, new surplus, and reconditioned to original factory specifications, from warehouses across the USA. You can also use our easy same day shipping and overnight shipping options. We also offer will-call and drop-off services at some of our locations for quick and accurate service. Our customer services team excels at handling tough requests for circuit breakers that you need. Get in touch with us today at 1-800-390-3299 or send us an email at

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