Federal Pacific Circuit Breakers

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The Federal Pacific Electric Company (FPE) brand name has a long history due to the nature of product line acquisition over the years and changes to naming rights ownership. FPE was a company that originally became well-known for providing a wide range of manufacturing electrical panels, circuit breakers, and other electrical parts decades ago. At present, the Federal Pacific company does not have any connection or affiliation with the original brand.

Browse through various models at LiveWire Supply, such as the StabLok NC20, NEF435100, NA2P100 as well as used, new and professionally fabricated models styled in keeping with the original FPE brand. The StabLok circuit breaker has a unique design which uses a 'stab' terminal on the breaker, connecting to a slot in the busbar.

With our extensive inventory and shipping points across the country, we are sure to have any model of Federal Pacific Circuit Breaker that you are looking for. Save time by getting your product delivered via same day shipping and overnight shipping options. Don't wait and contact us now at 1-800-390-3299 or send us an email at sales@livewiresupply.com.

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