Crouse-Hinds Cooper Circuit Breakers

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The Crouse-Hinds Cooper series of Circuit Breakers offers unbeatable protection that you can count on in hazardous and challenging environments. Whether it is top-notch electrical equipment or other advanced communications technology, Crouse-Hinds Cooper always delivers with the highest quality standards and safety in place.

Use these circuit breakers with a wide range of appliance, motor, lighting, heating and power circuits for line disconnect means and short circuit protection. Some of the circuit breakers you can browse in our catalog, include Crouse-Hinds Cooper D2CB12-20, Crouse-Hinds Cooper D2CB11-20, Crouse-Hinds Cooper D2CB12-30, Crouse-Hinds Cooper DBR56742-WT70-3, Crouse-Hinds Cooper EBBRB104-DT100-3 and so on.

LiveWire Supply stocks new, used, reconditioned and refurbished circuit breakers for your requirements. We are your source for a complete line of Crouse-Hinds Cooper Circuit Breakers from 0.1 amps to 900 amps, and other electrical hardware products. We take pride in getting our products to customers fast – typically, orders are shipped on the same business day so contact us today!

Searching for that hard-to-find circuit breaker or other electrical distribution items that have to be replaced? Request a free quote or contact one of our customer service representatives at LiveWire Supply for the help you need. Give us a call at 1-800-390-3299 or send us an email at

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