Batteries, Signaling, and Connectors

When you need batteries, signaling or connectors, LiveWire delivers. We are Your Need-it-Now Supplier for battery power controls and a wide variety of electrical equipment, from home electronics to safety devices requiring an uninterrupted power supply to telecommunication towers and more. Buying electrical components can be complicated at other stores, but our experts make it easy. While batteries come in all shapes and sizes, the most important aspect of choosing the right battery for your application is the type; whether it be alkaline batteries, lithium batteries, lead alloy or nickel alloy batteries. If you're not sure what kind of batteries, signaling or connectors you need, relax. We got you covered. Call us up and be confidant that when you buy from LiveWire, we'll get you what you need.

Livewire Supply offers Batteries, Signaling, and Connectors from the following manufacturers:

- 3M Electrical
- Appleton Electric
- Crouse-Hinds Cooper
- Cutler Hammer
- Edwards Signaling
- Fluke
- Hubbell
- Ideal Industries
- L.H. Dottie
- Madison Electric
- NSI Ind.
- Panduit
- Siemens
- Thomas Betts