Cooper Bussman Fuses

Cooper Bussman is a division of Cooper Industries, which is a subsidiary of Eaton Corporation, a major manufacturer of electrical equipment including fuses. They manufacture a variety of fuses including: medium voltage; IEC and British Standard; high speed; electronic PCB and small dimension; other low voltage; automatic sectionalizing link; capacitor fusing; current limiting; Edison modular fuse; fuse links; transformer protection devices; and power fuses. We carry the following classes of Cooper Bussman fuses: C, CC, G, H, J, K5, L, R, RK1, RK5, and T. We also carry the following types: 600V, BOLT, BULK, D, FAST, K, N, S, T, and W. If you don't see or you don't know what you're looking for, relax. We got you covered. Call us up and be confidant that when you buy from LiveWire, we'll get you what you need. Use search on top of page to find your part or call: 1-800-390-3299

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