Hammond Power Electrical Transformers

Hammond Power Solutions (HPS) is a manufacturer of transformers. They manufacture a large variety of transformers including: control & automation transformers that includes encapsulated machine tool industrial control, industrial open core and coil control, general purpose enclosed, encapsulated control, medium voltage industrial control, energy efficient drive isolation, drive isolation, line reactor, DV/DT filter, and motor starting; low voltage distribution transformers that includes energy efficient general purpose distribution, energy efficient k-factor distribution, energy efficient harmonic mitigating, super energy efficient general purpose distribution, super energy efficient k-factor distribution, super energy efficient harmonic mitigating, encapsulated for harsh environments, and encapsulated for commercial applications; medium voltage transformers that includes energy efficient medium voltage distribution and HPS power; potted and specialty transformers that includes HPS autotransfomers, HPS low voltage lighting, buck boost, and mini power centers; custom transformers; OEM transformers; and Encompass transformers. We carry Hammond transformers with kVA ratings from 0.02 up to 750 kVA. If you don't see or you don't know what you're looking for, relax. We got you covered. Call us up and be confidant that when you buy from LiveWire, we'll get you what you need. Use search on top of page to find your part or call: 1-800-390-3299

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