GE Electrical Transformers

General Electric is a major manufacturer of electrical equipment including transformers. GE manufactures a large range of transformers including: dry type ventilated transformers that includes Ultra Efficient Harmonic Mitigating, Ultra Efficient, Ultra Efficient (NEMA PremiumĀ®/CSL-3) k-factor, general purpose, k-factor, low noise, guard I & II noise isolation, guard III harmonic mitigating, and drive isolation; dry type non-ventilated transformers that includes totally enclosed non-ventilated (TENV); dry type encapsulated enclosed transformers that includes single phase, three phase, and buck boost; dry type encapsulated core and coil transformers that includes machine tool and control power; bushing potential device transformers; distribution transformers that includes single phase pad mounted, single phase pole mounted, three phase pad mounted, and network; power transformers that includes Prolec; and secondary substation transformers that includes liquid filled and ventilated dry type. We carry GE transformers with kVA ratings from 0.02 up to 3000 kVA. If you don't see or you don't know what you're looking for, relax. We got you covered. Call us up and be confidant that when you buy from LiveWire, we'll get you what you need. Use search on top of page to find your part or call: 1-800-390-3299

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